What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a system to diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of medical conditions, and re-establish health through promoting and supporting the body's own healing mechanisms.

As Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of osteopathy stated: ‘To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease’.

About Bernard

Bernard uses a variety of techniques to tailor his treatments to the specific needs of every patient. His holistic approach to treatment incorporates structural and cranial techniques, lymphatic drainage, life-style analysis and exercises.

He aims to help the body restore its maximum innate state of health through its self-healing ability. This enables it to cope more effectively with the stresses of daily life.


I wanted to thank you as I believe that the sessions with you have been transformative. My daughter E. seems so much more confident, less anxious and happy to engage in activities that she might not master initially and I believe you played a significant part in this. Even though it is hard for E. to attribute changes to your therapy, she is looking forward to coming back and see you in 2024, which says it all.

patient at Brackenbury Clinic

Bernard the osteopath and cranial sacral therapist, gave me the most incredible treatment with a really thorough intake session beforehand... and conducted himself in a very warm, friendly and professional manner. I left feeling that my aura had grown by about 5 foot on each side of my body. An excellent experience all round.

Kea M.
patient at Brackenbury Clinic


You can find me on the following practices:

The Chelsea Practice for Osteopathy

186 Fulham Road (1st Floor)
London SW10 9PN

Text or whatsapp: 07711 43 68 68

Brackenbury Natural Health Clinic

30 Brackenbury Road
London W6 0BA

02087 41 92 64

The Old Isleworth Practice

10 South St
Isleworth TW7 7BG

020 8847 3131